Health Coaching

Health Coaching is an evolving field and is growing more in popularity. With millions of people suffering from preventable lifestyle related dis-ease, Health Coaches are uniquely positioned to bring about lasting change in the lives of individuals all across the globe and help spread the ripple effect of empowered health and happiness.

Health Coaches are coaches who focus on Health and Wellness. We have a lot in common with life coaches, career coaches and even athletic coaches (btw I’m one of those too). Like other coaches, we approach coaching as a relationship. We are partners throughout our client’s journey and your biggest cheerleader.

All coaches help clients reach their full potential by raising awareness, making connections, identifying patterns, shifting limiting beliefs, using a growth mind- set, and offering strengths-based support. The difference is that Health Coaches focus specifically on health.

Health Coaching is based around the principle that we are all bio-individuals. That means – no two people are the same. We are all different and what works for me, may not work for you at all.

Most coaching sessions will be done via zoom, making this as easy as possible for everyone, with no travel time incurred. We will be looking at your lifestyle and how this affects the way that you eat and the things that you eat.

This is not about setting you a particular meal plan to follow, or writing you an exercise program. It’s about exploring who you are, how you do your life and what things affect you and your health. And yes of course a big part of health is what food you eat. But health is made up of much, much more than just what we eat. That said – if you fancy it, we can include a “Pantry Makeover”. Let’s see what you have in your food cupboards and fridge and make it over! If needed.

If you’d like to give Health Coaching a go – contact me for your initial free consultation (limited time only) and let’s go from there!