If you’re clenching or grinding, you’re likely in a period of stress and it’s manifesting itself in the jaw causing pain there as well as headaches and earaches. Maybe even neck and shoulder pain too.


The muscles involved in clenching and grinding control the TMJ. Like any muscle in the body, when it’s overworked and tired, it can become irritated and inflamed.


So what can be done?


Finding the root cause of your stress and changing that if possible, will really help. Learning to catch yourself clenching or grinding so you can stop yourself will also help. But there’s not much you can do with that if you’re sleeping when it happens – that’s why dentists suggest the night guard so you’re not wearing your teeth away.


Morag, our Master Practitioner,  is trained in TMJ release.  She works with the “muscles of mastication” or the chewing muscles both externally on the face and neck and internally in the mouth!!


Internal mouth work is not nearly as scary as going to the dentist – promise. Morag wears gloves and releasing the jaw muscles can feel a little uncomfortable but the effects are immediate and generally worth it. Imagine all the tension you’ve been holding in your face, sometimes for years, melting away.


You’ll need minimum a 60 minute appointment because generally by the time you need this kind of help, tension will also likely be in your neck, shoulders, maybe head and further down your back – so all areas need to be treated to do a thorough job.


So if you, or someone you know, is struggling with teeth clenching and grinding and now has jaw pain and/or headaches – then try this.


Book your in person TMJ 60 minute appointment with Morag HERE


Can’t get to us in person? Then the self help course is definitely something you need to try.