Self Help Course

Learn how to help yourself “switch off” your TMJ pain with some really simple bodywork “moves”.



About the Course

If you’re suffering from TMJ problems, you’re going to want to know about this short self-help course. You notice you grind or clench your teeth creating tension, pain, and stiffness in the TMJ. Maybe you’re experiencing headaches too and/or earaches. Some teeth pain is also common and the dentist can’t find the reason. You’re sick of your mouth guard, it’s uncomfortable. Or maybe you’ve chewed through more than one of them and know that’s not an ongoing solution. Are you eating mashed potatoes because you can’t open your mouth wide enough to get “bigger” food in there?

Basically, you’re at your wit’s end and until now didn’t even realize there is something that you can do on a frequent basis to help yourself.

This self-help course is split into several different modules. It’s advised to do them in order the first time through and then you can pick and choose which ones work best for you and continue to do those.

Several areas of the body are worked with from the neck and shoulders to the face and internally in your mouth, to help “switch off” your TMJ discomfort. Jump in and find out how to do it. NB: keep checking back as more bonus lessons are added.


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What’s Included

8 Videos:
Module 1: TMJ Anatomy  
Module 2: Shoulders  
Module 3: SCMs (Neck)  
Module 4: The Face  
Module 5: Internal Mouth  
Module 6: Temporalis  
Module 7: Ear Pulls  
Bonus Module 8: Why do We Grind and Clench?