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“I was referred to Morag by my Osteopath and seeing her for treatment is the best thing I ever did for my health and wellbeing. I have had deep tissue massage, spinal touch and mfr for neck and shoulder pain, migraines and also back pain. After my initial course of treatment I felt so much better and I now continue to have a monthly top up to keep me fit and well.”
Mrs J Rees, Ewshot

“I have been seeing Morag for the last 2 years for regular ‘maintenance’ on a recurring lower back problem and also two pro-lapsed discs. I would not have the freedom of movement that I have now if I had not been receiving treatment from Morag as the problems were limiting my mobility with severe referred pain. Morag’s patience and expertise and her portfolio of differing treatments keep me on track for a more active and healthy lifestyle. I am eternally grateful to her. Many thanks Mo!”
Mr R Moritz, Elvetham Heath

“Before seeing Morag at Dimensional Touch, I had been in quite a lot of discomfort and had been told by my doctor that it was tennis elbow and was “just one of those things”. Since seeing Morag I have been so much better, her treatment is so effective and almost “magical”. I have a fairly physical job and go to her with every stress and strain I get – knowing that she will know exactly what to do to put it right.
Highly recommended!”
C Page, Elvetham Heath

“Morag helped the whole family. She gave me back the energy that fibromyalgia took, helped my daughter with general backache and whiplash and my partner who suffered with shoulder and neck problems. I am always happy to recommend Morag – I think she is amazing – really!!!”
Tuula, Berks

“I’d like to offer my sincere thanks and appreciation to Morag for her great work on my sports injury rehabilitation. Morag helped me recover from a recurring ankle sprain that I picked up playing football. It was getting to the point that I was convinced that I would have to stop playing football and feared the injury would have a negative impact on my passion for XC mountain biking. Fortunately I discovered Morag and the range of therapies she provides – With just a handful of natural sports massage therapy sessions my ankle is now back to full health. Although I’ve yet to kick a football in anger (new season starts next week) my cycling fitness throughout the summer has been a marked improvement!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Morag to anyone involved in recreational or competitive sports. From the initial consultation to the point of making a full recovery Morag has provided a highly professional service in a relaxed and friendly environment – Excellent results and great value! Thanks again Morag.”
Marcus – Keen Mountain Biker & “veteran” footballer, Elvetham Heath


“Morag has been marvellous. I suffered back pain for many years, without explanation or relief. Morag has got to the root of the problem and through regular top up treatments and advice I have been almost pain free for over 2 years. ”
S. Lyons, Fleet

“I visited Morag on the recommendation of my wife. I wanted to see if she could reduce my constant back tension brought about through the stresses and strains of normal life. I didn’t really appreciate quite how bad it had become until Morag started treatment. After about three treatments it became clear how much mobility I had lost and how Morag’s trigger point therapy was able to unlock muscles and joints that were seriously affecting my posture and general disposition. It’s been 18 months since my last treatment and I’m still enjoying the benefit of the treatments that I had. Normal massages don’t have the lasting affect that Morag’s treatment does. Very highly recommended to bring a spring back into your step!”
M Howe, W. Sussex

” After being totally stupid and falling off the wing of the aircraft I was working on, onto my dodgy shoulder, I really thought I’d wrecked it for good this time. But in just an hour you had more movement in my arm than I thought possible. I can’t thank you enough! ”
M. Blyth, Hook


” Following a rather severe ankle injury, I booked to see Morag – a local Sports Massage Therapist. At the initial consultation she was very thorough, yet also quick to diagnose the problem and recommend a course of treatment. This involved deep sports massage, non impact exercises and other related advice about the swelling and build up of scar tissue. Having put up with the injury for several months I was initially a bit sceptical of “treatment”. I wrongly assumed that time and rest alone would aid recovery. Following the course of deep massage I couldn’t believe the results and how well my ankle responded to her treatment. Thanks to Morag I am happily back running again, she clearly knows her subject, and in future I won’t put up with an injury when I know that such valuable expertise is so close at hand. ”
Marion Thomas, Elvetham Heath


” Morag regularly gets me back on the move after what some might think is excessive amounts of exercise! A regularly occurring lower back problem responds well to her magic touch. Morag’s knowledge, tenacity and empathy combine to make a unique therapeutic experience. Her personal experience of sport and sporting injuries gives her a first hand insight into the causes, effects and frustrations of sports injuries. On the odd occasion when a more relaxing session is the order of the day Morag can provide a deeply relaxing, full body massage.”
John Ellis, Elvetham Heath (Squash Player, Gym Bunny and Morris Dancer)

” I have been visiting Morag for two years and can wholeheartedly recommend her healing hands. I have been lucky enough to experience a variety of her treatments including sports massage and pregnancy massage, which have been a heavenly luxury for this extremely sleep deprived mum. When my eldest son was younger, I took part in one of her baby massage courses which was terrific fun, a great way to meet some other new mums and gave me the skills and confidence to bond on a physical level with my son. ”
Susan de Weger, Fleet

” Having spent a frustrating 4 years struggling with back pain, after only 2 months of treatment I am now pain free, feel fantastic and only return for more treatments as they’re so relaxing and rejuvenating! ”
A. Dixey, Crondall


” In July 2003 during a charity bike ride I collided with a lorry and I lost muscle tissue on both shoulders and four months health. 17 months later and back to my fitness, I crashed badly on a training ride, injuring the same shoulder. It was about this time I had started having regular massages from Morag, and with her help and skills not only was I riding in 4 weeks, but my fitness was back up to scratch in 3 months, in time for the time-trial season. In December I lifted my clubs Time Trial Trophy along with a second, something I didn’t think possible back in January. I may have been pushing the pedals around, but Morag’s skill was making the muscles work! The trophies may have my name on them but Morag deserves them. Thank you! ”
Martin L Blyth Farnborough & Camberley CC