Indirect MFR

There are two main methods of application of MFR – Direct and Indirect. Morag uses the Indirect, more gentle method, explained below.

The indirect method involves a gentle, sustained stretch to the fascia, with only a few grams of pressure. This allows the fascia to ‘unwind’ itself. The gentle traction applied to the restricted fascia will result in heat and increased blood flow in the area, allowing the body’s inherent ability for self correction to return.

The patient will usually feel only a subtle stretch being applied to their body and sometimes the heat release. The releases can often feel tingly and/or pins and needles like too. It is usual to feel the release take place in other parts of the body at the same time. It is often a very pleasant and relaxing therapy to receive, although not always.

For both practitioner and patient, MFR takes patience – applied too fast and the fascia does not have the required time to react and respond.

What conditions respond well to MFR?


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