Spinal Touch – Postural Re-alignment

It took just 4 treatments for this man to go from this distorted posture and acute pain: to this pain-free, re-aligned posture using Spinal Touch:
01 B4 Spine 02 After Spine

So what is Spinal Touch?

An absolutely amazing technique for the reduction of chronic and acute pain. This technique is incredibly gentle and hugely relaxing. It does not involve any violent thrusts to the body nor any ‘cracking’ techniques. Instead, the body is encouraged to return to ‘normal’, relaxed posture over a series of treatments. Normal, relaxed posture is found when the body is re-aligned with its Centre of Gravity.

What does it do?

The intention of the treatment is to relax the patient and to allow the body to release it’s tensions and regenerate its energy field. Often patients feel this as sensations of tingling, warmth or deep relaxation to the point of falling asleep. The changes are often dramatic and usually accompanied by a sense of well being and absence of pain after only a few treatments.

Who can Spinal Touch help?

EVERYONE! Spinal Touch can have a direct and beneficial effect on any person regardless of what symptoms of ill-health they may be exhibiting. As it is so gentle, it can be used safely on children, the elderly, pregnant women and even animals!

Conditions that respond well to Spinal Touch

Backpain, sciatica, headaches, shoulder problems, whiplash, pregnancy, asthma, ankylosing spondylitis, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, fatigue


The body has an amazing intelligence and knows what needs to be done, so each person reacts in their own special way. You may tingle, feel heat or even fall asleep. Any dizziness is usually temporary and the result of increased energy flow in the body. Any tiredness and flu-type aches are just your body having a ‘spring clean’, therefore drinking lots of water helps to flush out the toxins in the body and cleanses the bloodstream. Some people feel an increase in their energy, however this energy is there to heal and shouldn’t be wasted!

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