What Pregnant Mums Have Said

” I entered my third pregnancy with great excitement but also with a lot of trepidation. Then I found my saviour in the form of a pregnancy massage therapist!!”
D. Cox, Farnborough

“The back massage in pregnancy is divine and despite being ENORMOUS during my pregnancy, I suffered no backache at all. My legs cramps began at about 22 weeks and one massage cured the problem for a staggering 12 weeks! Then a further massage ensured no more cramps throughout the pregnancy! ”
D. Cox, Farnborough

“I went to see Morag whilst pregnant and suffering from sinusitis. Being pregnant, most of the usual remedies were unavailable to me, so I asked Morag if there was any way of massaging the face to relieve the symptoms. After one 30 minute facial massage, I found that my symptoms were significantly reduced. One hour after the treatment I could breath fully through both nostrils, which was the first time in weeks, and the pain had disappeared. I was delighted to have found a natural way to alleviate the pain of sinusitis and would recommend this to anyone. Thank you so much!”
S. White, Elvetham Heath