What Clients Say Spinal Touch

“Thank you for all your help in making me happy again. You have turned my life around. Thank You!”
N. Weston, Basingstoke

“I was quite overwhelmed by the feeling of well being and the release I felt in my body from muscular tension. Physically I felt as though parts of my body were being released and my mind felt very clear. As a result my mind and body felt very balanced, as one. The treatment is quite subtle, but is a deeply relaxing method of releasing tension. Spinal Touch is a wonderfully relaxing way to align your neck and back and after experiencing my first Spinal Touch treatment I felt rejuvenated. I was left with a feeling of euphoria”.
J. Lamb, Basingstoke

“In general I’ve felt, you know the kinda hungover feeling when you’ve been up with your kids all night, but not drinking…….I’ve also got this most wonderful, completely relaxed feeling in my solar plexus and belly. My back has had several twinges in the course of the day, but it has been on the opposite side to what I would have expected. This has felt like a realignment or readjustment spreading from the spinal column out across ribs and scapula, but most of all across my pelvis. I would love to come back for another Spinal Touch treatment!”
A. Daniels, Fleet.

“I’ve just got home and thought I would let you know that I had to adjust my rear view mirror in the car by a huge amount when I got in to drive home! I had to push it 2-3cm back as I couldn’t see out of more than 2/3 of the back window. Very odd. I also noticed that for the first time in ages the whole of my back was in contact with the car and that sitting/driving seemed a lot easier somehow. Breathing seemed more ‘natural’ too!”
K. Golder, Eversley